I had my diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound done.

The tech said that they called me back because they saw something in both breasts and needed further testing.

The ultrasound tech spent awhile getting additional images as well.

The radiologist concluded that I had fibroadenoma (benign tumor) in my left breast and that my right breast was clear. I’ll have to continue with getting diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds to make sure it hasn’t grown.

I am also getting additional labs drawn because my hemoglobin levels suck ass. I’m gonna to ask for a referral to a hematologist for a possible bone marrow biopsy. I’m not having shortness of breath but I do get dizzy and tired. And I thought I was just getting old and lazy…


How much would you have to make (salary wise) before you’re happy or content?


In class, we were asked to identify an emotion we are not comfortable with.

Mine is fear.  Fear of the unknown.

I can handle anger, jealousy, grief, vulnerability and all that but not fear.

What emotion are you not comfortable with?