I’m still in school, trudging along, wondering what I got myself into but learning a lot. I really wish though that I had done this sooner rather than now.

I am now taking iron supplements, I don’t have Thalassemia but I need follow up blood draws to see if there’s any improvements.

In a few months, I have to get another ultrasound and diagnostic X-ray for the tumor.

I had so much garlic in my pizza that my whole body reeks of garlic. My body, clothes, and blankets.

School and Health

I am in a “I really hate school” type of mood. I know my life is going to be at a standstill till I’m done.

I should be happy that I have the opportunity to further my education since there are people out there who would do just about anything to have the chance.

So, my internist said that I don’t have Thalassemia, which is good. I really don’t want iron infusions either so I guess it’s back to the iron supplements again. If there’s no improvement, she wants me to get an IUD. Ehh, I’m not really a fan of IUDs because it’s bad enough that I get cramps regularly during my period but I don’t need them to get any worse.

I feel like I’m getting fat because I’m sedentary with school. All I can do is take the fur baby for walks…for now, until I pass this one annoying fucking class.