A couple of weeks ago, I went to my primary care physician about an abscess in my right arm pit.  I think it was from an ingrown hair but it was leaking puss and growing.

She prescribed me Doxycyline and ordered me to get a mammogram too…just in case but then again, my mom does have a history of cysts in her breasts.

Then she told me I gained weight.  I’m not going to lie, but I did.  I’ve been living the sedentary lifestyle since working all these jobs and starting school.  She ordered me to get fasting labs drawn.  Since then, I’ve put myself on a low sugar (because even vegetables and fruits can have sugar), low sodium, and low calorie diet.  Mostly, I’ve been eating a plant-based diet.  It’s not very tasty but then again, I’m not getting any younger either.  And since homeboy aka my husband, is a very conscientious eater, I’ve been more mindful about my intake of food.  I’ve also been taking the fur baby out for more walks, since she’s feeling better.

So today, I got my mammogram completed and labs drawn.   We’ll see what the results are.  I still have the abscess but it’s not oozing out any puss at least and the size has maintained.