I have a lot of thoughtful friends. I don’t know how I’ve befriended them since I’m not thoughtful at all…if I was, I certainly am not anymore. I think I’m just too busy to notice anything outside of work…

Belle sent me stationery stuff to wish me luck on my finals and hoped that I felt better. She’s such a good friend. I live 10 minutes away from her and I see her less than when I used to live 70+ miles away.

I have coworker’s who do little random acts of kindness for me all the time. Like buying me meals, writing cards to me or giving me recognition for work that I did.

Even on here, for the most part everyone is supportive of my neurotic being. Sure there are a few trolls but what blogger doesn’t?

This is karma right? I mean I’ve done a lot of horrible shit in my life but I’ve been really good for a long time too…or at least I’ve tried to be a better version of me anyway.


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